Popcorn Fridays

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Popcorn Friday is a monthly fundraising event where DBC sells and delivery bags of hot, fresh popcorn to Northridge classrooms. Parent volunteers pop the popcorn in the Northridge gym, bag and deliver the popcorn bags in the afternoon. It's a fun snack for the entire class on Fridays.

How to Participate in Popcorn Fridays

1) Join the Kernel Club - Become a member of the Kernel Club for $5.00 and your child will automatically receive a bag of popcorn every Popcorn Friday for the entire school year. Complete the Kernel Club Membership Form with a check payable to "NRE DBC and return it to the school front office or your teacher.

Download the 2018-2019 Kernel Club Membership Form Here

2) Pay monthly - Send a envelope labeled "Popcorn Club" and $1 to your child's teacher on the morning of Popcorn Friday. Exact change only, please.

2018-2019 Popcorn Friday Dates

2018 Popcorn Fridays

2019 Popcorn Fridays

September 7th
January 18th 
October 19th
February 8th 
November 16th
March 8th 
December 7th
April 12th

May 10th