DBC Fund Requests

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Download the DBC Fund Request Form

The Discovery Booster Club reviews and approves fund requests from Discovery teachers and Northridge leaders. Funds for these requests come from the Discovery Booster Club's fundraising efforts. King Soopers funds may be used to fund school-wide projects that support the entire school, including Discovery.

In 2016-2017, Discovery Booster Club granted more than $11,000 to support the Discovery program and Northridge. King Soopers funds specifically supported the purchase of the new interactive projector in the NRE library. Discovery Booster Club also upgraded the speakers and sound system in the NRE Gym.

The Process
All fund requests must be submitted in writing with a completed funding request form to the DBC mailbox in the front office. Once received, the DBC Board reviews and votes to approve the fund requests at the monthly meetings. Northridge purchases the items and provides a copy of the invoice to the DBC Treasurer. The DBC Treasurer sends a check to reimburse Northridge for the expense.

Have questions? Please email info@nredbc.org.

Download the DBC Fund Request Form