Girls in STEM - Female Role Models Wanted

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Why do we need Role Models?
Recent research by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) shows that having a live female role model helps girls counter negative stereotypes about STEM and encourage interest in STEM.

Discovery Booster Club is organizing Girls in STEM event for this January 2018. The purpose of this event is to support Northridge girls in 3rd-6th grades develop STEM connections within the local NRE community.

Role models will speak about how their STEM career enables them to make solve real world problems and make a difference. Role models will respond to student and parent questions about how to encourage and prepare for a STEM career. And lastly, role models will help run a hands-on STEM activity with the students and demonstrate some of the skills you need to be successful in STEM.

To create a highly interactive learning experience for the students, registration for this event will be limited. Click here to get notified when event registration opens.

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