Thank You October Volunteers

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Thank you to our October Popcorn Volunteers. Together, we popped, bagged and delivered over 540 bags of popcorn to all of Northridge. Please make sure to stop and say thank you to these parents for helping out this month:

Laura Allen
Rachel Chiang
Diane Christensen
Kelly Fitzgerald
Tami Frost
Stephanie Geiger
Karen Grewell
Marla Marlow
Alan Marudas
Kristy Nyberg
Filipina Pate
Heather Smith

Our next Popcorn Friday is Friday, November 17, 2017. Sign up for a time slot here.

Donations Needed!

  • Brown Paper Grocery Bags - We use brown paper King Soopers Grocery Bags to carry popcorn to each classroom on Popcorn Friday. 
  • Popcorn Friday Prizes - If you have extra party favors, please donate them to DBC for Popcorn Friday Prizes. Students are randomly selected to win a prize each Popcorn Friday.