2016-2017 State of The Discovery Booster Club

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Dear Discovery Families,

Thank you for all your support this year as members, volunteers and supporters of the DBC! As your elected board, we have worked on your behalf this school year to raise and allocate funds to create a learning environment that offers an academic challenge while also providing growth in social and emotional skills. A SPECIAL THANKS to our Discovery teachers who excel at creating and maintaining this environment for our students. Here is what we accomplished this school year:

Funds Raised: $12,627
Fundraising Goal: $15,050
✪ Increased King Soopers Rebate funds by 15%
✪ Increased Popcorn Friday funds by 8%
✪ Increased Spellcheck funds by 49%
✪ Funds raised with no external fundraisers or annual campaign

Total Funds Allocated: $14,931
Remaining Balance: $13,180
✪ New Library Interactive Projector
✪ Upgraded NRE Gym Sound System
✪ Funded consumable workbooks and mental health materials
✪ Funded additional resources for NRE Gifted Resource Library
✪ Funded 5th/6th grade field trip to the Denver Center for Performing Arts
✪ Funded gift cards for Discovery teachers for classroom resources

Community Support
✪ Improved communication channels: website, email, Facebook
✪ Organized Fall Picnic to welcome new Discovery families
✪ Manned Discovery Booth at Back-to-School Night and Fall Carnival
✪ Hosted Middle/High School Student Panel featuring Discovery Alumni
✪ Led evening GT Parenting Support Group in collaboration with DCAGT
✪ Successfully collaborated with PTA for Great American Spellcheck fundraiser
✪ Participated in NRE Principal Selection Process
✪ Supported SAC (School Accountability Meetings) and earned voting position
✪ Organized meal train and gift card support for a Discovery community member
✪ Nominated and elected 4 out of 5 parents for next year’s DBC Board

A big thank you to exiting board members Marc Church and Heather Smith for their outstanding service to the DBC board this year. We also thank Kelly Lopushansky and Melinda Cameron for their support this year.

In addition, we welcome Leann Spencer as our new Vice President and Karen Grewell as our new Community Liaison. She joins Filipina Pate (President), Sara Seba (Secretary), Diane Christensen (Treasurer) in next year’s DBC Board. Catherine Archuleta will also return as Volunteer Coordinator.

If you have any suggestions or would like to help out, please email the DBC Board at info@nredbc.org.

Thank you and have a safe and fun summer,

Your 2016-17 NRE DBC Board

Filipina Pate | Marc Church | Sara Seba | Heather Smith | Diane Christensen | Catherine Archuleta