2017-2018 DBC Board and Committee Chair Positions

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2017-2018 Board Members

The Discovery Booster Club (DBC) is looking for nominations for the 2017-2018 DBC Board. Board members help set the direction of the DBC and approve requests to use Discovery funds to support Discovery program and Northridge Elementary.

Discovery parents, teachers and NRE administrators can nominate a Discovery parent for the DBC Board. We ask that all nominations be received on or before our April DBC Membership Meeting, Wednesday, April 13, 2017. If you are interested in nominating yourself, or another Discovery parent, please send the nominee's phone and email address to info@nredbc.org.

If more than one person is interested in running for the same board position, a membership voting ballot will be sent home with NRE Discovery students and the position will be awarded to the person who wins the simple majority of the returned ballots.

For full details about DBC Officers and Board Elections, please see our DBC By-laws.


Current Nominee: Filipina Pate

  • DBC Board Member. General supervision of DBC affairs.
  • Preside at all meetings of membership or Board, or in the event of an absence, communicate with Vice President.
  • Oversee drafting and distribution of membership and/or Board meeting agendas at least 24 hours before meeting.
  • Coordinate and determine meeting schedule and call special meetings as necessary.
  • Serve as primary contact for the NRE administration and Discovery Program teachers and represent DBC at external meetings.

Vice President

Current Nominee: Leann Spencer

  • DBC Board Member. Support and assist President. Preside at meetings in President's absence, and perform all duties of the President in the case of any absence for a given period of time.
  • Familiarize self with current Robert's Rules of Order and work with President to assure meetings are run accordingly. 
  • Maintain a working knowledge of all DBC affairs.
  • Coordinate DBC communications and publications such as any e-mail blasts, newsletters, and flyers. This includes providing written and/or electronic notices of membership meetings and, when DCEF policy requires, ensuring that materials printed and distributed on behalf of DBC are approved by DCEF before published.
  • Assist other Board members and committee chairs as needed.


Current Nominee: Diane Christensen

  • DBC Board Member. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of DBC funds in accordance with DCEF policies.
  • Keep an itemized account of DBC receipts and expenditures, and present a full account at each DBC Board meeting.
  • Oversee receipts, thank you notes, and publication of contributors as outlined by DCEF or Board.
  • Assemble annual report of DBC activities as required by DCEF.
  • Attend DCEF biannual treasurer meetings.


Current Nominee: Sara Seba

  • DBC Board Member. Attend all membership and Board meetings, and record minutes. 
  • Publish minutes, and maintain file of minutes. Forward copies to DCEF coordinator. 
  • Make minutes available to members prior to next meeting for approval or approval with revisions. 
  • Prepare and send DBC thank-you notes. 
  • Assure that all reporting required by DCEF is accomplished.

Committee Liaison 

Current Nominee: Open

  • DBC Board Member. Serve as the Board's point of contact and means of communication with committee chairs such as DBC’s classroom volunteer coordinator and any event committee chairs.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of various DBC committee affairs.
  • Coordinate Board's support of committee activities as needed.
  • Coordinate Board’s support of volunteer activities as needed.

    2017-2018 Committee Chair Positions

    The Board creates committees to run DBC fundraisers and programs. Committee chairs are selected by a majority vote of the Board. Committee chair duties include:
    • Maintain a working knowledge of committee activities.
    • Present an outline of events and required resources to the Committee Liaison.
    • Oversee completion of event, and report for each activity.
    • Report to Committee Liaison as requested.

    Classroom Volunteer Coordinator-in-Training - Open

    • Learn from the current Volunteer Coordinator (Catherine Archuleta) and take over the position in 2018-2019.
    • Coordinate and schedule classroom volunteers as directed by the Discovery Teachers.

    Popcorn Committee Chair - Open

    • Organizes this much loved fundraiser for the Discovery Booster Cub each month.
    • Promotes the Kernel Club at the beginning of the school year.
    • Recruits Discovery volunteers each month to pop, bag and distribute popcorn.
    • Helps maintain and refill popcorn supplies as needed.
    • Helps collect donations for popcorn prizes.
    • Publishes thank you to all Popcorn volunteers on DBC Facebook Page.

    Social Committee Chair - Nicole Bolger

    • Organizes events over the summer and the beginning of the school year to welcome new Discovery families to meet each other and connect with current Discovery families.
    • Participates in planning and supporting the DBC Table at Back-to-School events.
    • Encourages new families to sign up for the DBC email list and join DBC events.