Thank You December Volunteers

A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped use pop, bag and deliver 500+ bags of popcorn last Friday, especially:

Kelly and Ross Allan 
Cat Archuleta
Judi Barnes 
Diane Christensen
Pooja Gupta 
Connie Hogan 
Heather Smith

Mark your calendars: 
Our next Popcorn Friday is Friday January 20, 2017 (!) We would like to ask parents from Ms. McKinzie's 2nd grade class to volunteer one 1 hour their time to help us this January.

Sign up here:

P.S. If anyone has an older, but functional vacuum cleaner they are willing to donate to DBC, it would sure help with cleaning up all the popcorn off the floor at the end of Popcorn Friday. We want to get it as clean as we can for Ms. Howell!