DBC Graphic Designer

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The Discovery Booster Club (DBC) of Northridge Elementary is looking for a volunteer to act as our Graphic Designer. This role will help us communicate more effectively by creating a consistent style for the graphics we use in our flyers, emails, social media, and website to promote the NRE Discovery Program, and upcoming DBC community events.

This volunteer position is perfect for someone who: 
  • Has a gifted child and supports the NRE Discovery Program 
  • Can commit 5 hours each month to creating graphics and flyers
  • Is able to work from home or in the evening hours
  • Has previous experience using Canva.com and FlatIcon.com to develop graphics
  • Has interest in developing a portfolio of graphic work and examples

Responsibilities of the Role: 
  • Understand and recommend a consistent graphic style to represent DBC.
  • Develop copyright-free graphics in a variety of sizes and formats. 
  • Collaborate with the Social Media Manager and Email Manager.

To learn more, visit our current Facebook Page and our email newsletter archive.

To volunteer, please send an email to Filipina Pate, DBC President at info@nredbc.org with your current resume and an 1-3 examples graphics you have designed for a website, social media, or printed flyer.