Reloadable Grocery Cards


How does this fundraising program work?

NRE purchases $5 reloadable grocery cards from King Soopers and Safeway and sells them to NRE parents for face value. At checkout, parents can add money to the grocery card (e.g. reload) for any amount up to $500, then use the grocery card to pay for their groceries, just like a credit or debit card.

Each time you add money to the grocery card, NRE earns 5% of the amount. For example, every time you load $100 on your card, NRE earns $5.

There are no extra charges, no signup fee and no penalties for these programs. However, these grocery cards must be purchased through NRE for the program to donate funds to NRE. Regular gift cards purchased at the store cannot be linked.

With many families participating, this can add up quickly for NRE:

If this many families
reloads $100 every month...
NRE Earns This Much
50 families $250 per month or $3,000 per year
200 families $1,000 per month or $12,000 per year
400 families $2,000 per month or $24,000 per year

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Tips on how to use your reloadable grocery card

1) Before checking out your groceries, reload your grocery card at the Customer Service Desk or at the register.  The card must be reloaded as a separate transaction. Pay for your reloaded card using credit or debit card, check or cash.

2) Once your card is loaded, start a new transaction and begin checking out your groceries. When you are ready to pay, swipe your reloadable grocery card, just like a credit or debit card. If you haven’t loaded enough to cover your order, you can pay the balance with credit card, cash or check.

3) Save your reloadable grocery card and repeat these steps the next time you shop for groceries. If you have money leftover on your card, tuck your receipt into your wallet with the card so you know how much money you have left on the card the next time you shop.

4) You can also use the reloadable King Soopers gift cards to pay for gas at King Soopers gas stations. The gas pump will stop when it reaches the balance on your card.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

How are Grocery Card Rebate Funds spent?

King Soopers and Safeway rebates are currently calculated based on gift card spending by non-Discovery and Discovery families, e.g. the entire NRE community. View a list of projects funded by these Reloadable Gift Cards here.

How much should I reload?

Choose any amount up to $500. Other families typically load:
  • Your weekly or monthly grocery budget
  • Your best guess of how much you spent that day
  • A fixed amount you know you spend each time - $25, $50, $100, etc.

How do I check my grocery card balance?

You can check your King Soopers Card Balance online.  Please let us know if you know how to check Safeway cards online. We checked their website and couldn't figure it out!

What if a parent loses or throws away their card? 

You will need to purchase a new grocery card from NRE.

Do the cards expire? 

Yes. The card will expire if the balance on the card is $0 for 90 continuous days. If this happens, please purchase a new card.

What about gift cards purchased at the store? 

Sorry! Those won't work for us. We can only earn credit from cards purchased & registered through NRE.

What can be purchased with King Soopers Neighborhood Reward Cards? 

Any merchandise in a King Soopers store, with the exception of services (money orders, Western Union, lottery tickets, stamps, Tickets West, and other gift cards). Reward Cards may be used at King Soopers, City Market Fuel Centers, or Loaf & Jug.

What can be purchased with Safeway Reloadable Gift Cards?

Safeway Reloadable Gift Cards can be used for postage stamps, fuel and event sales. They may not be used for money orders, Western Union, lottery tickets or Reloadable Visa & MasterCards.

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